Just me…

Welcome to my lovely page. I’m sure if you’re here, it’s because you know me, so you know who I am and all that good stuff. But, just in case…. let’s put it out there in a nutshell. As of today’s date:

Izzy Jackson, 41, married to Mike Jackson from Cherry Hill New Jersey.

3 kids (Jimmy, 23 – Brianna, 20 – Kayla, 18) 3 grandbabies (Luca, 5 – Jude, 2 – Claire, 1)

Bachelor’s Degree: Business Administration/Marketing minor, Associates Degree: Administrative Assistant.

I love music, books, swimming, dancing, and spending time with my family. Love being outside on a warm day, absolutely love the beach, hate shoes, love chocolate, addicted to coffee, abhor pickles and pretty much any condiment there is, and absolutely adore the wonderful people in my life.

I’ve worked at: Great America; Chula Vista Resort, housekeeping and administrative assistant; Adams Friendship Area Schools as a paraprofessional, after school program teacher, and VISTA; Adams County Parks and Recreation, Swim Program Coordinator, and Assistant Coordinator, lifeguard and swim instructor; WDKM, sales, office manager, on-air personality, general manager; and currently RR Donnelley in Baraboo, Slave labor (lol material handler) in the finishing department.

Diagnosis: Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Surgery July 12 to remove Thyroid and tumor.


Thyroid Cancer Ribbons:   Support and Awareness Ribbons are Blue, Teal, and Pink.  Survivor Ribbons are Purple, Teal, and Pink.  Just an FYI! 🙂


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