No good food for Turkey Day…. at least I can eat the Turkey!

Well.  I went to my appointment for me boobs. LOL   I don’t have breast cancer.. at least according to the ultrasound and mammogram… but I do have cysts that are getting bigger by the moment, so they are going to get drained.  Yeehah.

I also went to my endocrinologist.  Good news, I think.  Thyrogen shots are almost always approved of by my insurance, and in my circumstance (with all of my hypo symptoms) going off of my levothryroxine is not a good idea and thyrogen shots my best bet. Pending insurance approval, and approval from the radiology department at the hospital who administers the radioactive idoine treatment, I will be getting my shots the first week in December, followed by my RAI.  So, instead of taking 6-8 weeks off of work and being a zombie, I’ll only be off for a couple of weeks. So that’s good news. Bad news… I still have to do 2 weeks of no/low iodine before that.. which is over Thanksgiving. The list of CANT EAT foods is insane!!!  At least I can have turkey.. and I can still have coffee thank GOD For that…. but no dairy at all (just one of many no’s).  That is going to be hard!!!

My doctor did a few other tests, because she said that I “really shouldn’t be feeling this bad” and that my hair falling out was not typical.  I like my doctor… but from what I hear from other thyca survivors, my symptoms are pretty common. Maybe she just doesn’t want to tell me that my life is going to be sh** from now on.. LOL

 I did figure out the uncommon sudden hair loss.  Hair is dead skin cells. And like a lot of things, is a timeline of your body (kind of like rings in a tree.. you can see when the tree had a bad time in the rings?)  Well… the rate of my hair growth combined with where the huge clumps broke off coincides with the timing of going into hypothyroidism after my surgery.  My hair was just tortured.  And it said screw it, dump the bad. The hair I have growing in now, albeit thinner in many places (yeah, all over), is healthy and good.  So, hopefully no more falls out like that and it just thins.. and hopefully as my meds get better, that doesn’t happen anymore either. 

I’ve gained too much weight back. Apparently my diet isn’t working… so time to go crazy and really get into it.  I didn’t lose as much weight as I did just to gain it back because of my stupid errant thyroid.  I will not be tortured with one year of thinness and then back to my fat pants. I can’t let that happen.

Work has been slightly better after I changed the time I take my meds.. so that’s a positive as well. Along with a great supplement I’m taking, and some diet changes, I’m starting to feel at least a modicum of relief from some of my symptoms. Good news, right? 

So I’ve joined all of these great sites and support groups. I find they really help me.  Talking to hundreds of people who are in the same boat as me is such a comfort.  I love all of you, my friends and family… and I appreciate your love and support, but aside from a couple of you who’ve been through it, it’s really hard to explain the feelings and pain of everyday life. And to talk to people who have the same complaints… makes me feel better, actually!  Who knew that I’d be thirsty all the time? The other thyca survivors having the same issue…   Plus, I’m finding being able to support other people and try to help them through their downs actually makes me feel a little bit better about life.

One thing about this stupid cancer I’m liking.. though I’m not sure how my husband is digging it, or some other family members will….   I’m getting another tattoo.. LOL   I’m going to blend it in with the one on my left arm, so it won’t be crazy.  I’ll post pics once I do it. I said my Johnny tattoo was my last…. lol who knew I’d get cancer and would have to get a survivor tattoo? I mean, really.. that’s just craaaaazzzzzyyyyyyy.

My kids have taught me one lesson in the last few weeks… no matter how bad I feel, I really need to take the time with my appearance to look like a normal human being.  LOL  My wardrobe choices, along with a few other NO NO’s, have not been quite so becoming.  I used to get “you look 25”  and last week I got a guess at 45. yeah… Time to take a few minutes for myself… LOL

My family is doing all right through this mess. They are very helpful, even though I’m sure at times they resent the fact that I can’t do crap half the time.  Brianna and Kayla are amazing, and Mike is the best thing that ever happened to me. My friends… oh my goodness, my friends… The surprise visits from these people… it’s nuts. I love you all.  Jimmy… I think he’s having the hardest time with the whole thing.  He hates my hair, but likes my hair… The style is cute, but he hates it because it reminds him that his mom has cancer, and he has a hard time with that.  I keep trying to tell him I’m going to be fine, I am fine… but he’s still bothered.  So, anyone who knows him, give him a hug or something…   The girls probably need them too.. they are so strong and supportive, but I’m sure it’s not easy on them either. I’d say hug Mike, but one.. he’d kill me for saying that, and two… I’m not too sure how he’d react to that! LOL  He’s a great guy, but I’m definitely the outgoing one in the relationship.

Well, off to go get something accomplished. I’m out of clean clothes, in desperate need of coffee, and have a lot of stuff to do if I’m going to be dressing up like a harem girl and going out for Halloweeen. LOL

Have a great day ya’ll… and remember, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. If yours is shit, expect shit in return. Peace out.




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