Less than one month til my 1 year anniversary of being told “You have cancer”

I was on one of my support group sites today. And a fellow THYCA warrior posted this:

“Sitting here reflecting on the past year of adventures. I remember how my breath left my body when I heard “you have cancer” for the first time. Everyday was a fight to continue to push forward. Your perspective changes on how you look at everything. You feel so alone, then one day you realize your not going through this alone. Millions of other people of all ages are fighting for their life just as you. I know my fight is far from over and I hope this cancer battle will make me a better person, and I can inspire someone else to muster the strength fight for one more day.”

How can I say anymore after reading that?

I just had to share, because Ron said it perfectly. And because his words help keep me going.

Thanks Ron.


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